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Can you hear me now?
I sure as hell am screaming loud enough...
Weight - 127.5

There wasn't a single budge out of my scale this morning, but I think a lot of that had to do with my having V8 juice last night (6ish) and not drinking as much water as I should have, so I'm probably carying around at least half a pound of water weight. Aaaaaanywho...

This morning I'm having a mocha soy cappuccino for 60 cal, and then cranberry orange juice for lunch, which I believe brings me to 180. I'm working a double shift at my restaurant today, so there will be no time for eating. I'll be able to go home for about two hours or so between shifts, and which point I'll decide what to do for dinner.  I might just have some more fruit juice, as the V8 is really salty.

I can already feel the burn in my thighs from restriction, and I know it's twisted, but I really like it.

On tuesday, unless I can figure a way to get around it, I may have to temporarily break my liquid fast. I always visit my mother for dinner on tuesdays, so I'm gonna do some research on really low cal vegan soups. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Lemme hear ya scream
Weight: 127.5

Intake so far: 8floz light soymilk - 70cal, 1tbs light chocolate syrup - 25 cal

I completely forgot about my no arteficial sweetener rule this morning, so I started drinking the chocolate milk I made when I went, "oh crap, that's light syrup there's probably fake sugar in it!".

But there isn't. There's just less sugar. How awesome is that?

Yesterday went swimmingly, and today should go just as well. My chocolate milk will hold me over until noon, though I'll be drinking water and tea durring that time as well. To keep me busy until then, I'm taking down the window unit airconditioner in my room, working on homework, doing laundry, and talking you ladies, of course! Then at noon I'm heading over to Curley's(mah job), where I will work on the Haunted House that we are building in the basement for the customers (we did it last yearn - so much fun and everyone loved it) which will keep me occupied and not eating until about 2-2:30. Then I'm comming home and having some grape juice, doing some DDR, and the rest of my night will be spent back at work bartending.

If I have a plan, I'll stick to it. If I wing it, I fail, so....

Good luck to anyone fasting with me!
Good luck to everyone else, too.

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Lemme hear ya scream
Today is the first day of my indefinitely continuing liquid fast. Again, anyone who wants to join me, it's 300 calories per day in water, tea, coffee, (soy)milk, and 100%fruit juice. No soda, no artificial sweetener, no added sodium.

Starting off the day today with a homemade vanilla soy latte for 40 calories. I'm going to allow myself between 150-200 calories in fruit juce throughout the rest of the day, and then take some Iced tea with fruit juice with me to work.

Weight: 131 <---- what happens when you binge

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Lemme hear ya scream
I'm sick of binging. I keep telling myself I won't, and then I do, and then I don't, and then I do, and then I purge, and it's disgusting and I'm just tired. As of today, no more calories, and as of tomorrow, I'm liquid fasting for as long as I possibly can. For at least three days I will consume nothing but water, tea, coffee, soy milk, and juice. It's already september 13th and I weigh 130lbs and I need to be at 120 by november 1st.

Ready, set, go!

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Lemme hear ya scream